Allison Whitmore currently writes screenplays as Allison Chaney and is in collaboration on several upcoming projects.

Below you will find her personal projects along with a few she is collaborating on.

Completed Works:

Blight (1hr TV Pilot) Empire Studios

GENRE: Sci-Fi/Thriller

A former marine struggles to preserve mankind during a series of plagues created by a group of wealthy billionaires seeking to wipe out humanity in order to build a new world of their own. (Developed by Darwin Tademy, Jr.) Blight, the series

Cursed (1hr TV pilot)

GENRE: Fantasy

What happens after happily ever after for the other girl? This is the story of Cinderella’s stepsister and the guy who got away…Prince Charming. Television. 1 hour pilot. Drama.  Co-written with Erin Okamoto

Forget Me Not (1hr TV pilot)

GENRE: Period Drama/Mystery/Romance

Set in the lie-soaked town of Brookhurst, New York, 1938, Forget Me Not follows the star-crossed lives of a headstrong debutante and a handsome orphan, who team up to uncover secrets that threaten to destroy the freedom and humanity of their town at the hands of a man who turns out to be their very own Dr. Mengele. (Based on novel by Allison Whitmore)

Big Sister (1/2 hour TV pilot)

GENRE: Comedy

Fired from her big city job, an average Jane moves to the Hamptons to write the great American novel but ends up playing nanny to her movie star sister’s kids instead. Television. Half-hour pilot. It’s Modern Family meets The Nanny Diaries.

Blue Snowflake (Feature Film)

GENRE: Holiday Romance

A woman finds her muse in her mother’s old music for the holidays with the help of her old high school crush. Rom-com. Holiday. Feature. Words and Music meets Serendipity.

Awakenings (1/2 Hour Serial Pilot – Streaming)

GENRE: Serial Drama

A steamy soap for indie online TV producers. After the launch of a new business line, a man’s young brother is killed by a member of the warring family in town. It’s Hatfield’s and McCoy’s in a dockside town and a lot more twisted.

The Lost Heir (Animated Pilot Short) Theophilus Films

GENRE: Fantasy

A young girl being stalked by a mysterious stranger loses her family and discovers she’s an Empath. Based on The Lost Heir by Allison Whitmore.

Let Your Arrow Go (TV Spec Episode of CW Series, Arrow)

Available for review upon request as a work sample.

‘Tis the Season (TV Feature)

GENRE: Holiday Romance

A former child star gets another chance to be on screen when she’s offered a TV cooking show, the only thing is she can’t cook.

In Progress

Holiday Hotel (TV Feature)

Empath (TV pilot) with Erin Okamoto

The Monster Chronicles of Vivian Smollett (Graphic Novel) created by Michael Daniels and Canaan White

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