Forget Me Not


Forget Me Not opened its eyes one frigid Long Island morning in 2002.   The author, a college student in Suffolk County, decided to put an idea she’d had swimming around in her head on paper.  She loved history, romance and rich family sagas with layers. After years of research and beta readers, Whitmore shelved the book only to come back to it after a long hiatus from writing.

The story of star-crossed tentative lovers who want to be free to choose is a universal story about fighting society to find your true destiny.

The History








The Lost Heir


The Lost Heir: Isabella Foxworthy was just another girl…until she learned she was an empath, able to read the energy of others. A secret world known as the Violet City lies beneath her Hollywood family’s legendary hotel. Through this discovery, Isabella is catapulted into a whirlwind of magic, adventure, and danger. The Violet City holds the key to protecting her stability; her family hotel, her friends, and her very sanity. With morphlings, empaths, and fair folk also comes a powerful entity that twists her mind into knots, threatening everything she loves. Now, Isabella and her new friends—a guitar-playing jock, his gifted but neurotic brother, and a set of over-indulged twins—have until her 16th birthday to save her world with the help of someone who’s been lost for a very long time…the lost Foxworthy heir. But will they find him in time? And will he be a friend or foe?


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The Foxworthy Family

Renee Fox and Sinclair Worthy were screen legends who opened the hotel together after falling in love and getting married in the late 1920s. Their daughter Beatrice who died at the age of twenty-one was a 1950s movie darling before her untimely death. Their son, Mitchell, met and married Catherine Bayer, and had one son, Clint. Clint and his wife, Carmen Vega-Jones (child of a music mogul and a 70s vocal icon), had one daughter–Isabella. Today, nearly sixteen-year-old, Isabella and her grandmother, Catherine, only an in-law to the Foxworthy legacy, are all that is left to run the hotel. Of course, legend has it that there is another Foxworthy heir out there. But who is this mysterious heir? I guess you’ll have to read the book to find out.

The Foxworthy Hotel

This legendary hotel lies adjacent to Brightwood Studios in the fictional, Culver Hills, CA, which if put on a map would be located in the hills between Culver City and Mar Vista, if there was such a spot. Brightwood Studios was started by the legendary Oswald Heel, family friend and patriarch to the Heel family, who are not only connected to the Foxworthy’s but to the Empath world as well. You see, the hotel is not just a hotel, and Brightwood is not just any other studio.  Both harbor portals into a city of magic that lies beneath, a city known to all who reside in it as The Violet City.

The Diadem Chronicles

Yes! There will be sequels! We plan several books for this series, which will be a part of what we are calling The Diadem Chronicles. Hooray! Isabella’s journey is not over!


The Foxworthy Hotel is primarily based on the Culver Hotel with a little Beverly Hills Hotel, Roosevelt Hotel, Chateau Marmont and Biltmore thrown in–Oh, and let’s not forget the Ritz Carlton in Marina del Rey. Thank you to each of these places. Though most did not know it, we spent a lot of time in your lobbies, restaurants, and even rented rooms (thanks CH) to get a feel for this book. Though the book is contemporary, it holds a great deal of the past within its pages–Hollywood history is after all, Allison Whitmore’s middle name.


Allison Whitmore, Author

I love my team

Go team, Allison, Erin and Grace! Love my co-authors! I couldn’t have done it without them.


At the Biltmore, downtown, add a bit of a paranormal twist to The Lost Heir‘s backstory and to its first sequel, The Foxworthy Murders–set to hit the public summer of 2016.

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Reviews Excerpts from Amazon:

….This book is a perfect combination and balance of excitement, suspense, romance, and longing!…

….Do not be afraid of what is to come. It cannot be avoided. You gotta take the right risks, so you can get what you want. WOW!! What an amazingly brilliant and tremendous story!….

….To me it is like a mix of Narnia, Oz, Harry Potter and a hint of Legend (Mia Sara & Tom Cruise’s movie from the 1980’s), while still being wholly unique, utterly original and ABSOLUTELY FANTABULOUS….

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