Calvin Wynne (male lead character, Forget Me Not)

What many people do not know about Calvin Wynne is that he is a man of incredible savvy. This he kept hidden well in the face of Grandmother Donovan and her expectations.  His mother, though quietly pious and extraordinarily stern, instilled something in her boys she learned watching her severe mother — the daughter of a housekeeper to one of the wealthiest families in the Northeast who ran away with a boy to join, to her mother’s abject horror, the circus. This incredibly colorful and unexpected past reflects Calvin’s extremely unique personality. Though he remains ruefully thoughtful and loyal, he is a man of many layers. But aren’t we all?

There is always more to your neighbor than meets the eye. I think that’s what Forget Me Not is all about.  That and the power of love, of course. 😉

Happy 2015 to everyone. I hope you enjoyed the Wattpad draft of Forget Me Not, if you’ve read it. It is only a draft, however. I look forward to getting in in print sometime this year! Keep your fingers crossed for me…Calvin and Teddi!

Allison Whitmore


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