Boogie Bugle

Fiction Fact: Calvin Wynne (the main character in Forget Me Not) was born February 2, 1922. Happy birthday to Calvin! Here’s a poem that reminds me of him. He’d definitely love dancing to the song from the Andrew Sisters.

Boogie Bugle

Good morning, boys!

Let’s dance!

Chug, chug, chug

Boogie, bounce, jig, jag

Tippity tap, tippity tap

Left, left, left-right, left

Boogie, boogie, woogie, woogie

On the ocean, out to sea,


Sweet; toot up toot down

Quick, quick, quick-quick, slow

Blow bugle BOY blow

BLOW bugle boy BLOW

Swing, sing, sway, sing, sing

Stamp, stamp, stamp-clap stamp

Good morning, war babies

Let’s jiggle! Let’s jive! Let’s JAG!

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