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Allison Whitmore’s debut novel, Forget Me Not, ushers readers through a story of hatred, deceit and love in 1930s and 1940s Brookhurst, NY. Her second novel, The Lost Heir, co-authored with Erin Virginia and Grace Arden, tells the story of empaths living in a secret world under Los Angeles. It has been said to remind readers of Wonderland, Narnia, and Potter’s Wizarding World but with a unique twist. She is currently working in The Lost Heir’s sequel, The Blood Legacy, and a new novella series, entitled, Cursed. She is signed with Captive Quill Press

The Author

Allison (Chaney) Whitmore is a native of Los Angeles, a former English teacher, and a lover of great story. She currently resides near her hometown of Culver City, CA but loves to travel back to New York where she spent many years. Outside of writing and reading, Allison loves classic Hollywood films, hiking and spending time with her family and friends.

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The Editor & Coach

I am also accepting clients for author/screenwriting coaching, content editing and proofreading: credentials, MA, BA English and writing, inquiries to:

Developmental Editing  or Script Editing $50/hr or $5/page (250 words -books; 1 properly formatted screenplay page)

Developmental Editing tells you what’s not working and what is working in your manuscript. The primary goal is to improve your story’s structure and your character development. If scenes are too long or too short — pacing, developmental editing will help you fix this. If your characters need strengthening,  your dialogue needs sharpening, your scenes need to pack more punch, developmental editing will be your best friend. (In-depth historical and research fact-checking included at the rate of $60/hr).

Script Editing is all about character, story, theme and FORMATTING. Typos will be looked for, but you need a proofreader, too. This service helps you get your script looking professional because as you know, no one will read it if it doesn’t look like a pro wrote it. Samples of my scripts available upon request.

Ghostwriting or Rewrites (Screenplays Only): $50/hr  (pacing=1/2 page/hr)

Coaching: $50/hr

Coaching is similar to developmental editing, but it’s more focused on getting you through the first draft from start to finish, while developmental editing comes usually when most of the your first draft (if not all of it) is completed. I’m great at coaching as I am a former teacher and story analyst. The perfect combo! (1-2 hours a week recommended if you are in the process of working on your first draft.)

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**Actively seeking romance novels (contemporary, historical, YA/NA, paranormal, fantasy), rom-com screenplays, drama TV pilots, coming-of-age fiction. 

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