Street Team


What the heck is a street team? It’s a group of people who help promote something they love! And in this sense, it’s also a bit of a “secret society.”


The group’s name–the #MadHatters and they reside in a place called Whitmore’s Wonderland on Facebook!

The #MadHatters is a society of readers who enjoy the writing by Allison Whitmore and her writing team. They’re teens and adults, bloggers and reviewers, educators, librarians, readers, and writers who want the world to know more about the stories we share. The Mad Hatters have access to all works and can decide which he/she wants to help promote!


As a group, the Mad Hatters helps the public learn more about the stories they love through word-of-mouth and/or social media. In exchange, you get:

–Access to early work from author–aka “sneak peeks”
–Participation in voting on character names or storylines for upcoming stories
–Access to private Facebook Society
–Special contests and prizes
–Name and/or website listed in upcoming certain publications

Apply to The Street Team, The Mad Hatters, with this questionnaire: